Monday, November 30, 2009

Twitter feed!

I have connected to twitterfeed so that any new posts I make will result in a link back to my blog. After all there is no point to having a blog where you want to share things with the world if no one knows it is there.

The next step is content.

I an a voracious reader of personal development literature, and follower of GTD principles. I have taken a lot from several sources on the net and I have modified and amalgamated most into my own personal system. I will post how I have done that, and what tools I use.

I have also returned to University(hence the GTD system)at the age of 38 and will soon be looking for a job.

I also follow the stock markets and am interested in what affects them from a macro perspective. (although Nassim Taleb has shaken my belief in the ability forecast.)

So I should have lots to talk about. Let's enjoy the journey.

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